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1. Subject

This web platform is the property of Cefic – The European Chemistry Industry Council registered under: Cefic – Avenue E. van Nieuwenhuyse, 4 box 1 – 1160 Brussels, Telephone: + 32 2 676 72 87.

2. Purpose of this blog

This blog aims to target young, competent, professional graduates and communicate sustainability issues around six main topics: Mobility, housing, water, climate food and health.
The goal is to create a credible source of information and start the dialogue with the audience.

3. Use of this Blog

You are permitted to use this Blog for your own personal use and to print and download material from this blog provided that you do not modify any content without Cefic’s consent. You are also free to bookmark and share links directing others to content on this blog. Material on this blog must not otherwise be reproduced or republished, either online or offline, without Cefic’s permission.

4. Consent to Publish Content

You agree that any material you send or post to this blog shall be considered non-proprietary and not confidential. By posting content to this blog you agree that Cefic / Your Formula will be free to copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate and otherwise use such material for any and all purposes.

5. Code of Conduct

Cefic / Your Formula values and encourages freedom of expression. To maintain a right balance between such freedom of expression, and potential abuses of this blog, you agree to:

  1. always respect Cefic / Your Formula ‘s name, reputation, goodwill and other business assets when using this blog
  2. refrain from making any statements or publish any material that would be insulting, threatening, libellous, obscene, offensive to religious, political or ethical beliefs, discriminating or racially oriented, otherwise infringing any applicable legislation or third party rights, or be contrary to law.
  3. refrain from making any statements that would be disrespectful, misrepresenting, or otherwise harmful to Cefic / Your Formula, or any third party
  4. ensure that any software, databases, or other files that you post on the blog are free from viruses, corrupt files, defects or any other sources of harm that can impair the operation of this blog or any other systems
  5. refrain from using the blog for purposes of commercial advertising
  6. refrain from posting or copying third party materials protected by copyright laws
  7. refrain from sending or posting unsolicited e-mails or internal messages (spam) to other users

Please note that Cefic / Your Formula will remove all posts that violate the “Code of Conduct” without prior notification.

6. Data Protection

Cefic / Your Formula requires you to provide a degree of personal data when registering to this blog. Certain data (such as name) are made publicly available by default. Other data (such as nationality, gender, age, contact information) are only available to Cefic / Your Formula.

Users may choose to make additional data publicly available (such as interests, personal signature, additional networks, photographs, etc.).
You agree that Cefic / Your Formula may use your personal data collected with this blog for purposes of inviting you to participate in new services, campaigns offered on this blog, in satisfaction or customer surveys, and in events organised, sponsored, or attended by Cefic / Your Formula.

Cefic / Your Formula reserves the right to collect and use data relating to visits to this blog for monitoring and statistical purposes, and to use cookies for enhancing the usability of this blog.
Except for the communication of personal data required for the above purposes, Cefic / Your Formula will keep your personal data confidential. Cefic / Your Formula will not allow third-parties to use such personal data for their direct marketing purposes.

You may contact Cefic / Your Formula to exercise your access rights and to answer any questions relating to the use of your data, by contacting

7. Copyright

7.1 On the Blog

The copyright on this blog belongs to Cefic / Your Formula.
You are not authorised to reproduce, modify or make any part of this blog publicly available without Cefic / Your Formula ‘s permission.

7.2 On User-Generated Content

Your are responsible for the content that you post on this blog. Ownership of the content belongs to you. CEFIC / YOUR FORMULA does not claim any rights on such content.

8. Liability

Although Cefic / Your Formula uses reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of this blog, you accept that information and materials posted may contain inaccuracies or errors and that Cefic / Your Formula exclude direct or indirect liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law or the use of any such material.

This blog may contain links to other blogs, which are not controlled or maintained by Cefic / Your Formula. Please note that Cefic / Your Formula is not responsible for their content. Cefic / Your Formula provides those links for your convenience only, and the inclusion of such links does not imply any Cefic / Your Formula endorsement of these sites.

Trademarks may be included in this blog such as Cefic and Responsible Care logos. Therefore, these logos/trademarks are subject of the proprietary rights of Cefic; no rights are being granted to the blog participants.
The content published by the blog participants does not reflect the views of Cefic and Cefic cannot be held responsible for these contents.

The responsibility for the information and views expressed in the blog is entirely related with the author(s). The opinions expressed are personal opinions and are not related to the professional, political or religious position of the author.

9. Notifications

Cefic / Your Formula will always try to handle cases of alleged illegal content or violations of the Terms of Use in a fair and balanced way.

When Cefic / Your Formula notices or is informed about alleged illegal content or other violations of the Terms of Use, Cefic / Your Formula reserves the right to immediately remove, or disable access to, such content.
Nothing herein can force Cefic / Your Formula to take down alleged illegal content from this blog, nor prevent Cefic / Your Formula from taking down such content.

Cefic / Your Formula advises users that it is required by law (Article 20, §3 of the Belgian Act of 11 March 2003 on Certain Legal Aspects of Information Society Services) to immediately inform the competent Belgian prosecutor when it has actual knowledge of illegal activity or information related to this blog.

You may report violations of the Terms of Use by e-mail to :

10. Applicable Law

In using this blog, you agree to fully accept its Terms of Use.
This blog is governed by Belgian law.