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Nuno Bacharel
Nuno Bacharel

The YourFormula team got-together for the first time  in Brussels. During the two day event, the 10 YourFormula bloggers team from renowned European universities discussed about the key role of chemistry for a sustainable Future. In addition to the discussions around sustainability and innovation, we attended an interactive training on “how to write better and more attractive blog posts” (one more reason to continue reading our articles) and we also had time to taste some chocolate and Belgian beers.


‘It was great to meet other chemists passionate about sustainability and the environment. As chemists, we are often so focussed on the task at hand that we forget the importance of the bigger picture. A big part of that is how our work fits in with broader social issues, and I think the training will be valuable in helping us communicate that to the wider community’

Tom Wright, PhD at Oxford University in the area of chemical biology


 “YourFormula Communication Training was very beneficial for me and other trainees.  I’m interested in the field of science commercialisation & enterprise so the training helped me communicate my interest and get a wider audience to participate in my discussion”.

Dr. ThaoNguyen Nguyen MRSC
UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate
RB plc and University of Bradford.

The Formula? We have the best team, Join us!

With more 25 000 visits since it was launched in July 2012, YourFormula, is now a solid network and is considered as a credible source of scientific information.


Besides to the high level content delivered by our young team of experts, we have news, videos, interviews and fascinating discussions taking place in the multiple YourFormula channels.

 In addition, the growing support from the main European Universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Ghent, Leuven…) and science networks (European Young Chemistry Network, EuroScience, IUPAC, The Green Chemistry Network…), help us reinforcethe dialogue.


“This YourFormula get-together gave the team a chance to meet each other, and refuel on energy and inspiration. We also met with the communication experts from ZN, high above the skyline of Brussels to exchange ideas. The YourFormula team is now more ready than ever to bring you exciting new content and the latest news on the developments of the future! Follow us!”

David Dupont

PhD student in chemistry at the University of Leuven.

“The meeting was a great opportunity to meet all other contributors from YourFormula and to discuss in what direction sustainable chemistry and its communication has to go. The training gave us a platform for that and we were able to discuss our intentions, motivations and goals we are addressing by writing for YourFormula.”

Simon Müller

PhD student at Cardiff Uni in the UK

Still more, much more, to come…


image (52)In the next weeks the YourFormula website will undergo major improvements, and some new sections will come live… In addition to this, we are now preparing events and we partnering with some of the key European scientific conferences taking place in the near future…


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