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Nuno Bacharel
Nuno Bacharel

Dear YourFormula fans,

From all the celebrations on the  International Year of Soils and Light-based Technologies to the Nobel Prize on mechanistic studies of DNA repair, 2015 was without doubt a year of amazing scientific discoveries with a significant number of scientific events taking place.

2015 was also important for YourFormula. we have seen our “family” grow and we now count with 18 bloggers, we were the official partners of the International Symposium on Green Chemistry 2015 and Science & You and we witnessed the growth of our online community with the multiple campaigns we have developed on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks to you YourFormula continues to be the place where major discussions about chemistry, sustainability and innovation are take place!

To celebrate this I´ve selected the TOP 5 blog posts of 2015

chemistry sustainability 1

  1. Why does a Chemist Clean Water With a   Sponge?

Researchers have designed a kind of sponge that doesn’t adsorb water but dangerous        organic chemicals. Discover how they do that?

Read more.


  shutterstock_2433209111-600x600  2. 7 Ways Chemistry is contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

On September  the new 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were adopted. Exciting! These goals will shape our future!

     Do you know how chemistry is contributing?
                                                           Read more.


polymers sustainability chemistry  3. Poloxamers: from dishwasher tablets to treating cancer

Did you know that the same polymer can be used for cleaning products and as cancer drug delivery system?

Discover the fascinating world of polymers!
Read more.


chemistry 2 sustainability facebook    4. If You Were a Famous Scientist, Which Scientist Would You Be?

In 2015 YourFormula has launched a Facebook quiz to help you find out!

   Take the quiz!



food and climate5. Food and Climate: The OUTLOOK

Temperatures are rising too swiftly, and  extreme weather events – flooding,  droughts, storms – have become usual.

Discover in this article by what extent an agricultural system causes or suffers from climate change.
Read more.


I would like to give special thanks to our bloggers from the all over Europe Europe who  during this year shared with us their views, their stories and their passion for sustainable chemistry.

Season’s Greetings And Happy New Year