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Nuno Bacharel
Nuno Bacharel

Hi YourFormula fresh minds,

As I announced last week, we’ve been preparing a few surprises for you, and now it´s time to unveil the big secret!

On top of  all the blog posts from our contributors, tweets, Facebook status and discussions we want more… we want to have “Your ideas” about the importance of chemistry  in ensuring  a sustainable futur,and for that we invite you to enter  this competition –  you could  win a mini  iPad !

What is the aim of this competition?

In 2050, more than 9 billion people will live on our planet. With no major changes, we will need the resources of three of our planets to meet the demands of this soaring  population – (wow!)

Through innovation based on chemistry, we can provide solutions to this shortfall in key areas such as food production, energy, water, health and climate change.


That’s why we are looking for your creative and insightful contributions!

You just need to answer this question:

“What is chemistry’s role in building a sustainable future?”

You can submit your idea as:

  • A Youtube video

  • A slideshow or

  • An image (such as a poster, an infographic or an advertisement).


If you are running out of ideas, get some inspiration from  the video below

All the details of the competition can be found  here

Take a look and submit your entry by  15th July!