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Nuno Bacharel
Nuno Bacharel

Researchers have created a hybrid “solar battery” that can store its own power; the Rosetta mission lands on a comet; scientists have grown new blood vessels in just seven days using stem cells from just 25 millilitres  of blood; the first single-molecule LED has been created…


Wow … 2014 was definitely a year of great scientific achievements!

On the YourFormula side, we have been pretty busy too, and our bloggers have also shared  great scientific stories with you. Now that the year is drawing to a close  it´s now time to go back over  some of the most read articles on YourFormula.

Below the top five  YourFormula stories of 2014:

giphy-11. SIZE matters, but so does SPEED…

You are a chemist and you have to do chemical reactions but you can’t stand slow reactions. So what can you do about it?



giphy-light-bulbs 22. LED there be light

If Thomas Edison were alive today, he would be proud to see the evolution of his invention. From his first bulb that didn’t  burn up for 40 hours, a LED light can today have a life of up to 20 years.



giphy33. The Chemistry of the World Cup!

“The craziest World Cup ever”: in my opinion, the best tagline to define the 2014 World Cup! We had controversy, demonstrations, the bite, the 7-1 Brazil loss and… the most innovative materials ever! Discover the Chemistry of the World Cup!



polymers44. Discover the fascinating world of polymers

From the garden to your body…  You don’t believe this is possible? Discover the fascinating world of polymers by the PBM group (Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group) from Ghent Uni.


giphy55. Computational Chemistry for a Sustainable Future: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Discover how computational chemistry is playing a significant role in accelerating the required research for a pollution-free and sustainable environment.
by Lydia Rhyman



The YourFormula team wishes you a very happy festive season!