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Nuno Bacharel
Nuno Bacharel

The European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) has just launched its second Sustainability Report  entitled Teaming up for a sustainable Europe. YourFormula will be featuring some parts of the report with guest blog posts from experts and will highlight the role of the chemical industry in helping us build a more sustainable world.

The Teaming up for a sustainable Europe report focuses on how the chemical industry conducts its business of providing the essentials to society and the economy in a safe and responsible way, on its constant improvement of its performance to achieve: environmental progress, social progress, economic progress and our solutions to societal challenges:

               - The resource challenge
              – The energy challenge
              – The water challenge
              – The urban population growth challenge
              – The nutrition challenge
              – The success factors for securing a sustainable future for Europe.

The Cefic vision on sustainability

The European chemical industry is determined to play a key role in ensuring that by 2050 over 9 billion people live well, within the resources of the planet:

  • It will gear all of its activities towards enabling a future where people have access to the necessities of a healthy life, to economic prosperity and to societal progress.
  • It will drive a quantum leap in innovation enabled by investments and partnerships.
  • It will strive to be sustainable in terms of its operations and a key enabler of a sustainable society through the excellence of its employees and the benefits of its products.
  • It will join forces with all its stakeholders, including governments and civil society.
  • It will keep attracting investments by way of its strong economic performance.


Proposing solutions to society – The value chain

The European chemical industry has a key role to play in ensuring a sustainable European society. Together with its supply chains, its develops and produces new products and solutions for a growing world population, while conserving the planet’s resources.

At the heart of the European economy, the chemical industry supplies every sector. It is an essential partner, an enabler and a solution provider to all industries and society.

As one of the largest and most diversified industries, it shapes economic activities in both traditional and technologically advanced industries and acts as an important engine for innovation in other sectors.

value chain


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