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David Moreno

Shirts that won’t allow you to get tired? Shoes that instantly give you back your energy?

Sounds like magic- but it’s real.


Here’s a mental exercise for you:

Try to think of one sport in which chemistry doesn’t play a significant role!





Okay, baseball bats are made of wood.

Anything else?




Bikes? Rackets? Footballs? Tennis balls? Helmets? Canoes? Swimsuits? Ice skates?

Ping pong tables? Goal posts? Stadiums?

You got it. All chemistry.


All of these things already existed in the 20th century. Now, humans have gone one step further.


Of course you could run with a normal cotton shirt or regular running shoes.

But if your sports gear was able to prevent your body from getting tired…

…would you wear it?

As long as it’s not against the rules (like the high-tech swimsuits which were banned in 2010), why not?

I’d really like to try it out. Ever since I watched the fun videos from the Chemical World Tour, promoted by UIC (Union des Industries Chimiques), I want to do the same thing those young French people did: travel around the world, discover chemistry and experience the benefits for myself.

 From Brazil to Spain, from Germany to Japan, they have visited chemical factories looking for innovative technology that makes a huge impact on sports.

What these boys and girls have achieved is remarkable: bringing chemistry closer to us by making short, compact videos, asking the simplest questions and getting the right answers. Not only did they get to wear an Emana shirt, they also found out how chemistry contributes to the construction of sustainable, long-lasting sports venues all over the globe.

Feel free to watch the videos and let me know which one you like best…


High Technology and Footballs  – ChemicalWorldTour 2


Bio Chemistry and Sports shoes – ChemicalWorldTour 2


Chemistry and New Sport Facilities - ChemicalWorldTour 2


Chemistry and Sports Infrastructures – ChemicalWorldTour 2


Chemistry and Sportswear – ChemicalWorldTour 2