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Nuno Bacharel
Nuno Bacharel

After  Green Week, two weeks ago, we have recharged our batteries (using solar panels of course) and are ready to follow the events that will take place on the most Sustainable Weeks of the year!

You don´t agree with me? Let’s  see:

On the one hand, on  the other side of Atlantic, RIO+20 will mark the 20th anniversary of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. On the other hand, in Europe, different events dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy will take place as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2012.


Well, the Your formula team is bursting with (sustainable) energy and here in Brussels, we will be attending a few of these events.



For example, next Tuesday,  June 19th, Your Formula plans to visit two new residential buildings designed to showcase sustainable living in the Brussels-Capital Region:

  • 14 new sustainable duplexes that low income families acquired at reduced  cost;
  • 12 new passive dwellings dedicated to social housing focused on urban integration;

This looks like a good opportunity to learn more about how our homes can help us save energy – a BIG issue because buildings account for around 40% of EU energy consumption.



Then just join us !Ah, you can´t? Well, if you have any questions about the topic, just drop me an e-mail ( and I can answer them for you!


In any case, we will get back to you with inspiring ideas and information on good practices and technologies that will help meet the EU´s energy and climate goals.

To have a clear idea on this, let´s take  a glance at  the main EU energy and climate targets that are also part of the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth:

  • greenhouse gas emissions 20% lower than 1990 (or even 30%, if other countries are ready to go for a global deal)
  • 20% of energy from renewables
  • 20% increase in energy efficiency

If you’d like to learn more, please go to the EUROPE 2020 page


We will keep you posted. Have  a relaxing  weekend to be prepared for an intensive week!