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Nuno Bacharel
Nuno Bacharel

Hi everybody,

The your formula team is bursting with energy, after our short holidays, and we are now in Prague attending the 4th Congress of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS).

You can find us at the second floor, booth nº25, where I can give you more information about Your Formula, and of course one of our mints box.


This 5 day event, with almost 2000 registrations, has a majority of young students and professionals, and as referred Mr. Schubert, EuCheMS President yesterday during the Opening ceremony “this congress aims to show the achievements and the capability of the European Chemical Industry in Europe”. In addition he also stated that “is a big pleasure to be surrounded with so much young people”.

Hubert Mandery, Cefic Director General, referred the importance of having young people on board “We need to attract talented, passionate young people” to our field because “the best of chemistry is still to come”. Mandery also highlighted the importance of the young generations to achieve the sustainability goals and the progresses needed on “the cooperation between industry and academia”.



The 2012 European Sustainable Chemistry Award was given to Marc Taillefer (see picture below), research team leader at the Institut Charles Gerhardt (ICG) in Montpellier. For more information, see 2012 Laureate of the recently launched ESCA European Sustainable Chemistry Award.” Patrons for the 2012 award were Nobel laureates Paul Crutzen (Mainz, Germany) and Jean-Marie Lehn (Strasbourg, France).

The European Young Chemists Network (younger members division of EuCheMS) also has a key role in the conference, particularly regarding the Youth and Careers programme: Making Chemistry work for you.

During these 5 days participants can attend different Scientific Sessions, Plenary Sessions and Poster Sessions where authors will present their research.

As you can see a lot of things going on here in Prague.

Anyway, If you can´t attend, no worries, I will keep you informed via twitter and of course via Your Formula.