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David Dupont
David Dupont

In a world where resources are getting more and more scarce, it is important to rethink the way we do chemistry. “Sustainable chemistry” is no longer just a word; it’s becoming a way of thinking for the entire chemical industry and scientific community. It’s a way of doing science that is being taught to the current generation of chemists and is slowly transforming the way people will think about chemistry:

Chemistry shouldn’t be a problem, it should be the solution.

“Sustainable” doesn’t have to mean more expensive or difficult either. There are plenty of examples where sustainable chemistry offers a competitive advantage and reduces the impact of price fluctuations on oil or gas.

Sustainable chemistry has many aspects.
It can reduce power consumption, improve efficiency, reduce waste streams and much more. Even small changes like low temperature laundry detergent or energy saving light bulbs make a huge difference when millions of people use these items every day. Its goal is to save the consumer money as well as limiting the environmental impact of production and providing the chemical industry with a sustainable and lucrative way to do chemistry.

It’s no longer a matter of winner/loser; a sustainable economy is definitely a win-win situation.