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Nuno Bacharel
Nuno Bacharel

Dear YourFormula fans,

First of all I would like to thank you all for your support during 2013. Thanks to you YourFormula is now a place where major discussions about chemistry, sustainability and innovation take place! I would like to give special thanks to our contributors from the different parts  of Europe who  during this year shared with us their views, their stories and their passion for sustainable chemistry.



A  Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014 to you all!


But wait… before we all go on holiday, open the Christmas presents and celebrate the New Year, let´s review the last twelve months. . For this I’ve selected the

TOP 5 blog posts from the year 2013!


1. Exhaust gases: what impact on health?

In this blog post, Albert Khaoutiev highlighted the fact that many people are exposed to exhaust emissions every day in different ways: motor vehicles running on fuel and diesel, trains, ships, electric generators, factories and plants. But how can we reduce the emissions? Are modern catalysts a long- term solution?


2. 10 tips to bring presentations to life

This year we started a new section on YourFormula – education and careers – where our contributors share with you some tips on how to better survive your PhD. ThaoNguyen Nguyen shared with us her experience on doing presentations.

Giving  a good oral presentation does not need to be a “Mission-Impossible”. Follow  ThaoNguyen´s tips and your presentations will be more dynamic, fun, and interesting!


3. Five tips to PhD students on managing their time

In this blog post I  shared  with you some tips and tricks to save time and to plan your journeys effectively. In 2014 avoid unnecessary stress, plan your tasks in advance, stay flexible and of course don´t forget to have fun!  Take a look at the infographic!


4 Hydrogels: from nappies to artificial organs

Our friends from the Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group wrote a very interesting blog post about nappies. Did you know that thanks to hydrogels, nappies are able to absorb large quantities of fluids? Discover more about polymer chemistry in this blog post.


5. PhD, more than just research

In this blog post Jonathan de Roo makes reference to the responsibility of being a PhD – that is fact more than just pure research. Jonathan emphasises that PhDs should share their knowledge with society, and with the next generation that will take care of us!