Who are we ?

We are an enthusiastic group of contributors from different areas who believe that chemistry and science hold the key to building a sustainable future. We also believe that no single entity can build the future alone and everyone should play a role. No one has all the answers.

What’s with the lack of corporate restraint? Well just because we are sponsoring the site, it’s not a corporate platform, so we’ve done away with our usual ‘suit and tie’ talk and want to talk sustainable science with you.

Why Your Formula ?

Your Formula is an initiative by the European Chemical Industry Council that aims pull together the best of sustainable thinking and to discuss key sustainability topics.

By bringing the right people together to share ideas, we want this platform to serve as a home for young scientists and researchers with an interest in sustainability.

About the name…

“Your” – The “Y” stands for “young”and “yours”. This is a platform for you to share your thoughts and ideas.

Formula – This is a link to Maths, Chemistry, Physics… Science really.

In Maths, a formula represents a relationship between variables which ultimately leads to a “solution”. In Chemistry, a formula is a way of expressing the arrangement of atoms that constitutes a compound. We are using a combination of both definitions to symbolise the aim of this blog: “to discuss and solve key sustainability topics and issues by bringing people together to share ideas”.